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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  January 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

5:00 am just click on the living well tab. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. this morning, police try to close in on a man suspected of killing eight people in central virginia. good morning. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with the weather. patranya bhoolsuwan has more on traffic but as always we begin with howard. he says those nice temperatures are out of there. >> they are out of here and a little rain the next hour or two will be coming through. it is moving east and west and drifting south. we will show you this on the weather computer showing the area of rain out of west virginia. little surprise this morning but a few showers are out there. go to live doppler hd and i want to show you where the rain is. you can see it up and down 66. mainly north of a 6. wet out to front royal, montgomery county and maybe a even a little sleet
5:01 am
there. one or two reports in howard an montgomery county and bowie and annapolis and now down 95. a little rain but only in the mid-40s this afternoon. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning, howard. good morning, everybody. wakeup call for drivers in mow -- we have video of a police car at the accident of the accident at bradley boulevard. it is closed at barrett plane because of the crash. this is auto bonn road. it happened at 1:00 this morning. still causing problems for drivers there. get to another incident on the outer loop. delays are forming already. this is on the outer loop. the right lanes are blocked due to a disabled vehicle. backed up to seven locks at this time. going to the district. as we take a live shot at inbound new york avenue not too bad. moving well. no problems in to the district. 395 northbound moving well from
5:02 am
the beltway to the 14th street bridge and 66 eastbound from 7100 to 495 no problems. angie, back to you. >> thank you. this morning the hunt is on for a mass murderer in south central virginia. state police are looking for a lone gunman who allegedly shot and killed eight people yesterday. 9 news now digital correspondent kristin fisher is live in the satellite center with the latest. >> good morning, angie. not only did the suspect allegedly kill eight people but he also fired at a state police helicopter being used in the search, forcing it to make an emergency landing with a ruptured fuel tank. so we are dealing with a suspect police are calling a mass murderer. he's armed and dangerous and on the loose. >> a massive manhunt is underway in central virginia after eight people were shot and killed ontize afternoon. the person is christopher speight. >> the suspect is armed and
5:03 am
dangerous. we want to make sure the public is clear about that. >> when the deputy arrived on the scene the deputy heard shots fire and the deputy call for assistance. >> the man died at a local hospital. four bodies were found outside of a nearby home and three more inside. all were adults. police are using dogs and heat- sensing equipment to track down the suspect. until they find him, many residents say they are keeping their doors locked and staying inside. >> i'm really shocked about what happened. it's a terrible thing. i mean this is a right tight community here. pretty much everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: at this time police have not released a motive a murder weapon or any of the victims ' names but we are awaiting a press conference with police. we bleu will bring you the latest at 53 orange turning our attention to the latest from haiti. the united nations committed to send more peace keeping troops
5:04 am
to the island nation. 3500 u.n. troops and police officers will be in haiti soon to beef up security. a week after a devastating earthquake rocked them residents are becoming a problem. aid is streaming in but survivors aren't getting it fast enough. >> have you seen any food deliveries or anything like that. >> nothing. we have to go out and fight between ourselves. >> reporter: about 180 aircraft stuffed with supplies are being allowed to land. many planes are being turned away because it is too crowded. the group doctors without borders says a plane loaded with medical supplies was denied access three times. they claim that led to five deaths. you can keep up with the latest at there you will find a banner on our home page with information for making donations for
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earthquake victims. a young bethesda man who pleaded guilty to storing bomb- making materials in his bedroom closet is headed to prison for five year. a judge sentenced him yesterday. prosecutors also allege he plotted to assassinate president obama during his campaign for office. but it's important to note he was never charged with any such plot. montgomery county police are now looking for an arsonist in one of the fires reported yesterday morning. investigators determined someone intentionally set the fire at a germantown apartment complex. firefighters rescued four people from their balconies on eagle's nest court and took one person to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. the damage force eight people from their homes. fire forced a rockville family from their home. no one was seriously hurt thanks to a family member who helped his cousin and 10-year- old daughter escape.
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this investigator say and electrical malfunction ignited some bedroom curtains. time for another living smart report and jessica doyle has a look ahead on wall street. >> that's right. it is all about earnings and the economy today. this morning, before the opening bell, the commerce department reports on december housing starts. analysts are looking for a steady showing as we see sign of the market recovering. the dow stands at 10725 after adding 115. the nasdaq rose by 32 and the s&p rose by 14. some of the nation's most powerful banks are revealing their earnings. bank of america and morgan stanley are scheduled to announce earnings from the last quarter, a study after citigroup reported a multibillion dollar loss, mostly from paying back bail out money.
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warren buffett's shareholders are voting whether to split the price of berkshire hathaway. the class a shares will be priced at $100,000 each for one share of stock. >> oh, man. sounds like a lot. coming up, also nice to own, you are saving us some money. >> money saving tip, we will save you money on insurance which is something that everybody pays for. >> you can always use that. >> thank you. there hasn't been a republican senator from massachusetts since the ' 70s but that's all about to change. republican scott brown won the special election to fill the late ted kennedy's seat. he defeated martha coakley who once led by a wide margin. he focused on voters anger over the economy and president obama's health care plan. >> it will raise taxes and hurt
5:08 am
medicare, destroy jobs. >> reporter: the victory means brown -- once brown takes office, senate democrats will no long every have the 60 votes they need to stop a republican filibuster. something didn't seem right and the concerns of an alert counselor leads to the rescue of three people in a dc home. we will have that story coming up. in ten minutes, a report you will only see on 9 from the usns comfort. as the navy hospital ship takes on its first earthquake victim.
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police in roanoke, virginia have called off the amber alert for a missing toddler. they believe he was dead before his step father filed a missing persons report and may have been murdered. last thursday, the step father claims two other men took the
5:10 am
child. a dc counselor saved the day for three victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. they raised the alarm after talking to a teenager in northwest. they found two unconscious 15- year-olds and a semi conscious adult. they are recovering. president obama visited a fairfax county school to push congress for more education funding. the president traveled to graham road elementary school in falls church. a school with many low-income students but high achievement scores. he wants $1.35 billion to extend an education program from last year's stimulus package. another storm system is close to lash the west coast where mudslides are causing problems. >> all of those storm systems out west are moving east and will affect us before the week is out. we will talk about the
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possibilities for some wintry weather when 9 news now returns. dreams are amazing things.
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and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the future. today, our wired and wireless high speed internet networks
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are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - and real jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at stake. at at&t, the future, are at stake. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. mudslides are still causing problems out west. the mud is estimated to be 20 feet deep and 40 feet wide. crews worked throughout the night to try to have the tracks reopened by the morning.
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what a job they have on their hands. and los angeles is bracing for weather they don't see very often. >> a reported tornado out there, as well. anion usually strong storm system and another one is coming on shore today. another very powerful one and we are getting colder. colder air is moving in. and a little shower activity popped up. we are talking about a chance of a shower early today. otherwise mostly cloudy. tonight any chance of rain or snow will be south of us. fredericksburg can't rule you getting wet tonight and tomorrow in to friday morning is when we have a better chance of wintry mix ending as snow on friday. that could cause some problems with the friday morning commute. here we go. the bus stop forecast. there are a few showers out there. 32 to 40. we are at 32, you are north of the precip, so i don't expect icy problems but a little sleet reported in one or two spots. cooler and highs around 45.
5:15 am
back to reality folks. north winds five to ten and sun set 5:16, mostly cloudy. flurries and sprinkles south and lows around 45. a light rain or mix is possible late tomorrow. highs in the upper 30s. here we go. we have a bunch of clouds with us as the cold air moves in and you notice what happened the last few hours out of west virginia, you saw the showers develop in northern virginia. now coming across. see the pink, potential for sleet. live doppler hd has been tracking the precipitation this morning. highway ward and montgomery county, watch out. there could be a little sleet mixed in. this area moves east and drifts to the south, front royal, and flint hill, warrenton, the plains, haymarket, gainsville, you are seeing it as well as upperville. rout 7, olney, route 50, as well. and then chantilly and fairfax county, even in to manassas.
5:16 am
you are just getting in on the rain shower activity. as we go farther east in to fairfax county as well as montgomery county. northern part of the county clearing out but a little sleet is possible toward olney. and bethesda some showers around you. as we go to the east across anne arundel county and prince georges county, those showers continue along 50 out to the bay bridge. let's take a quick look at temperatures before we go. they are running in the 30s. winds not so bad. 42 south. there's the colder stuff. mid-30s to the pennsylvania border. we have action coming our way. on the seven-day forecast we will show you really tomorrow night in to friday is when we have concern for sleet and freezing rain and snow mixing in. saturday looks fine and more rain on sunday with a high around 50. right now it is 5:16 and traffic time with patranya bhoolsuwan. >> we are keeping our eyes on this problem in bethesda. bradley boulevard is closed
5:17 am
down in both directions. you are seeing video from this accident, this fatal accident that has lanes shut down bradley boulevard and barrett lane. police are on the scene. if you want to get around this, the alternate information is -- on the outer loop we are tracking a situation here, due to a disabled vehicle blocking lanes. two right lanes are blocked approaching river road. it will make a it is a slow drive in that area. 270 this morning. good morning for folks taking that route. wide open lanes. no problems also on 66 eastbound. a smooth ride for drivers out of centreville and wrap it up on the inner loop. everyone is at speed at this hour, as well. back to you. the usns comfort is expected to drop anchor in port- au-prince haiti in the next couple of hours.
5:18 am
they loaded medical staff as the has taken on patients. scott broom has more on the local medical teams now treating the wounded. >> from the flight deck the first patient, a 20-year-old man with a breathing tube to help him keep alive. a fractured skull and serious head injuries and the second patient was this 6-year-old boy who tenderly touched the hand one of one of the pediatricians who made it with the comfort for help. >> he is talking and communicating with us. >> pelvic crush injury with a bladder injury with that. >> reporter: the early news appeared encouraging, a pleasant surprise on a night filled with them. for instance the medevac chopper wasn't expected until after dawn but as the comfort drew to within range of the karl vinson a night flight was ordered. the patients were too sick to stay on the carrier any longer and the comfort had shaved a day off the expected travel
5:19 am
times but it was still hours from haiti. a haitian born coreman eve henley comforted the boy and spoke creole. >> he doesn't know where his parents are. he has an older brother and he knows his older brother is alive but doesn't know if his parents are alive. >> it is a very sad issue. >> another surprise this critically injured 6-year-old had a cell phone number in his head. a shred of hope that maybe his lost parents might be found. >> i felt very excited i'm glad he is here and getting good help and care. >> the first two patients are in critical but stable condition and won't be any surgery tonight. the staff will have a chance to rest and that's a good thing because tomorrow at dawn the medevac start flying and there are literally tens of thousand
5:20 am
of people that need the care only this ship can provide. the staff many of whom are from bethesda and walter reed back home have been warned this is not a sprint, be ready for a marathon. on the comfort, scott broom, 9 news now and >> the redskins new general manager goes on a shopping trip for talent. plus, the capitals battle one of the most storied franchises in the national hockey league. we will have highlights in sports. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today --
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good morning. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. tough to compare the caps history to the representation wings history. but if the playoffs began today the caps would be the one seed and the red wings would be --
5:24 am
caps down 2-1 in the third when nicholas goes through and it is tied. and then 46 seconds later, david techle on the rebound, have a nice flight home, detroit. 3-2 the final. caps win and they are number one in the east. college hoops, long wood and terps. what would be the largest margin of victory in comcast center history. that is sean moseley for three. maryland up at the break. and then the angry follow and terps by 51 and they break 100 for the first time since 2006. mason facing hofstra. mason in green and the junior guard four of five from three- point range. had 27 points. mason wins by 18. they are 12-7. with so much attention on mike shanahan the last couple of weeks bruce allen has been the silent partner this redskins transformation but he
5:25 am
is working the pulleys and levers behind the scenes. we caught up with him at practice yesterday. allen scouting seniors as possible draft picks and planning for 2010. >> you get a coach like mike shanahan and a defensive coordinator like mike haslett you think you can build for the foundation. we have a world class coach and putting together a coaching staff and have high hopes for the future. >> i'm brett haber have a great day, everybody. one state is about to set limits on how long your doctor is a able to keep you waiting. people here at the haitian embassy work to get information to get information to those they haven't heard from. and police believe they have surrounded a man wanted in the murders of eight people. a commuter alert for folks in bethesda. a fatal accident there. police are on the scene. they have bradley boulevard shut down in both directions at
5:26 am
barrett lane this morning. we will tell you alternates coming up. (announcer) we're in the energy business.
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think manhunt is underway in south central virginia for a man accused of murdering eight people. welcome back. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane today. thanks for joining us. patranya bhoolsuwan is here with the traffic in a moment. but first howard is here to give us the bad news that nice little spell of good weather we had, say good-bye. >> the mild stuff is gone and the northernly winds kicked in and a surprise rain shower with a little sleet and even a little snow mixing in at bwi on the hour. show you live doppler hd. there's a sliver of rain coming across 66, northern virginia over to maryland there from baltimore down through annapolis. it is moving to the east. the whole line drifts slowly south. on the northern edge of this, even in reston, one of my chatters in the chat room is saying they have sleet. and we see it across montgomery
5:30 am
county, howard county and anne arundel county, as well. little rain this next hour or two. look at temperatures before we go. readings north in the mid-30s. montgomery county air park usually run a couple of degrees colder. we sit at 39 at national. no problems out here except for wet streets and with more on that here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> that's right. police are still on the scene of this accident in bethesda this morning. as we have shown you the icon on the maps here. it is still there. police are on the scene. bradley boulevard is down down at barrett lane because of this fatal crash. if you want to get around this we advise you to take it to ought bonn and reverse in the opposite direction. another problem in maryland often the outer loop. a tractor-trailer is blocking two lanes and it will be slow approaching river road. inner loop no major problems to speak of. better news for virginia drivers this morning.
5:31 am
wide open lanes here on 395 from the beltway approaching the 14th street bridge. no big problems on that route and 95 northbound same story. everyone is moving a speed from dale boulevard to the mixing bowl. back to you. >> thank you. virginia state police are looking for help from the rising sun this morning hoping daylight will reveal the whereabouts of a suspected killer. the man is believed to have killed eight people yesterday in appomattox. that's in south central virginia. 9 news now kristin fisher is in the satellite center with more. >> a very early morning press conference of virginia state police just wrapped up and so far they have not found the suspect but gave us new information which we will share with you right now but i want to show you who police are looking for. look at the suspect. his name is cristopher speight. he is 39 years old and police believe he shot and killed eight people on tuesday
5:32 am
afternoon. during the search he fired at a police helicopter forcing the helicopter to make an emergency landing because of a ruptured fuel tank and using the bullet holes discovered on the helicopter, police say they have determined the suspect is armed with a high-powered rifle. they are urging everyone to stay away if they come in to contact with him because he is armed and very dangerous. 18 different law enforcement agencies have been searching through the night in an attempt to find the suspect and apprehend him. they set up a search perimeter and believe they have him cornered. it is in a wooded area in appomattox county. the search perimeter stretches 1,000-yards. and these law enforcement agencies have been using dogs and heat sensing equipment to try to find the suspect and now they are hoping the sun will be able to help them out. here's where we are in terms of the actual investigation. police say they are trying to identify all of the victims.
5:33 am
there's eight, remember. they are saying the suspect was indeed acquainted with all of the victims but they will not say exactly how he was acquainted with them. we are awaiting on a motive. no word on what caused this mass murder and that's what police are calling it. one more thing i want to leave you with this morning, the sheriff just said that public schools in appomattox county are closed because this individual is deemed so dangerous and we know he is indeed armed with a high- powered rifle. so public schools in appomattox county are closed. we will have the latest at 6:00 a.m. angie, back to you. >> thank you for that information. robert gates is sending additional ships to assist with the haiti earthquake relief. relief supplies are piling up because they can't be distributed quickly sparking more looting and violence. more good news, however, rescuers have made another save
5:34 am
at a collapsed supermarket in the capital. a 25-year-old woman was pulled out alive a week after the quake. she had broken bones but was singing and praying as search teams rescued her. the scenes can be emotional for most but with those of you with family and friends in hey think the loss and uncertainty can be overwhelming. the haitian embassy has a team of grief counselors on hand help them to cope with the grief. >> at first i was glued but i don't watch it anymore. it is too much. too painful. >> the embassy's counselors team plans toe virtually go to the washington community to perform one-on-one visits. right now a lot of people are coming in to the embassy to seek counseling. in maryland, a poll finds if the election were held today
5:35 am
o'malley would defeat ehrlich if he were to run. it shows the democrat with 46% compared to 39%. another 13% went undecided. o'malley unseated ehrlich in his re-election bid three years ago. o'malley outlined a new budget plan and he is trying to bridge a gap. there are no new taxes in the plan but it calls for 44 state law layoffs and elimination of 200 unfilled positions and tuitions at colleges go up 3%. to make on the difference the state will take on debt. in virginia bob mcdonnell reiterated his campaign pledge to recoop lost tax revenues by selling state run liquor stores. they don't believe selling liquor should be a function of state government and the governor promised to reopen 18 rest stops by the summer travel
5:36 am
season. the stops were closed as part of the vdot budget cut. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with more. >> reporter: we are talking about a deal in the skies. as we head to the summer travel season, airline ticket sales tend to be sluggish right now. that's why southwest and airtran airways announced a three-day fare sale to drum up business. other carriers matched the cuts. our partners at "usa today" give this example. they are offering round trip fares ranging 1 # $98 to $198 to select cities. california is poised to be the first state in the nation to set limits on how long you have to wait to see your doctor. under new regulations doctors must return a parent's call within 30 minutes and be available 24 hours a day. people with urgent needs must be seen within 48 hours along with other recommendations. are you paying for
5:37 am
insurance you don't need? to find out, analyze your homeowners or renters insurance and pay higher deductibles if you have cash to cover them. condo homeowners need to know know what the policy covers so you don't double insure and cancel pmi once your mortgage reaches an 80% loan to value ratio. for more advice, check out my blog the, follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. who wants to spend money on insurance. >> i don't want to spend money on anything unless it is shopping or food. >> thank you. president obama has an anniversary to celebrate today. we will have that coming up. plus, authorities are begging people to heed evacuation orders for storm battered southern california. a mess out on the outer loop. a look approaching river, a disabled tractor-trailer has all lanes blocked in that area. so you will see significant
5:38 am
delays approaching the scene. we will have more traffic coming up. it is 5:38 and 39 degrees outside. we'll be right back. brendon: did you know walmart is designing stores that are over 20% more energy efficient? vo: plus, we're committed to one day powering every one of our stores in america with 100% renewable energy. vo: because we believe the best way to power savings, is innovation. save money. live better. walmart.
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evacuations are underway this morning in parts of southern california. authorities are getting residents out before the third storm hit. they are at a high risk of floods. the senate seat held by a kennedy until last year is attaching to a republican. massachusetts voters chose scott brown in a special election to replace the late ted kennedy. brown defeated martha coakley. his victory denied senate democrats a filibuster proof majority effort today is the anniversary of barack obama's swearing in. 2million people packed the national mall to watch president obama take the oath
5:41 am
of office and become the nation's 44th commander in chief. the horror of the haiti earthquake is leading some to faster adoptions for couples hoping to become parents. and plus a rude visitor drops in on a local doctor's office from outer space. howard? >> we have a cold, chilly wet start here. look at live doppler nine thousand. a few showers are mixing in with sleet and snowflakes up north. we will tell you about that and a bigger possibility of wintry weather later in the week. 9 news now returns in just a moment. dreams are amazing things.
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and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the future. today, our wired and wireless high speed internet networks are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in broadband high speed internet can create hundreds of thousands of new american jobs. small businesses are being formed - dreams are being launched - and real jobs are being created. at at&t, we're investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks.
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now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. dreams, and jobs, and the future are at stake. at at&t, the future, are at stake. at at&t, the future, has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered. we have all heard about chicken little and think sky falling. for one local man this came true. we have a story only seen on nine. >> we didn't really understand what happened to us. we are in our offices, doing our work and while we are sitting there quarter to 6:00 we hear an explosion. >> this doctor and his colleagues had an unexpected
5:45 am
visitor to their lorton offices last evening, a visitor from outer space. >> we were very startled. didn't know what happened. something fell in the floor. >> reporter: it one a little green man but a little gray rock. >> about then it started to sink in. this was a meteorite that hit our office. >> reporter: it is likely a meteorite known as a conduit, -- condrite. >> it maybe ten feet from us. thank god no patients or doctors were in that room. >> hundreds of meteorites fall each year but most are never found. >> i guess they occur on a regular basis but certainly not to us. >> reporter: he says he will never forget meeting this extraterrestrial visitor. >> i felt closer to the universe today, no doubt about that. 9 news now and
5:46 am
>> i know that you being the big weather man got calls on this. >> one of my friends in upper montgomery county said look south and then somebody else wrote on facebook to me was there something in the sky that happened. >> obviously there was. >> a lot of times they burn up in the atmosphere and this one survived the trip and thankfully didn't hurt anyone. >> not so amazing we are seeing a shift in wind. we will be feeling it roadwork right. >> colder and wet this morning. some surprise showers out there and sleet and snowflakes reported at bwi this last hour. a thin line of showers and on the northern edge you see the pink areas. even no this reston we have had sleet reported but leesburg you are almost done with it. zoom in and show you more closely as the line of showers may last for an hour or so. it is moving east and the line is to the south. look in to faulkier county and the plains up to marshall.
5:47 am
almost to warrenton and then amissville in the park there at perryville, maybe sleet in, as well. haymarket, gainesville, chantilly, reston, dulles, seeing the rain or rain sleet mix as this is moving to the south in to southern montgomery county first birthday from rockville to ill very spring. and even light snowflakes reported at bwi on the hour. head south of 97 over to annapolis and across the bay bridge. we are dealing with rain, as well. it is as i said drifting to the south. easton about to get to you and same with mcdaniels. look at the next three days. 45 today after a shower or two this morning. 39 tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, evening with will see rain or wintry mix that will last tomorrow
5:48 am
night in to first part of friday. friday cold. maybe a little snow. wintry mix and temperatures in the mid-30s. this morning a few showers, 32 to 40 but nothing freezing on the ground. it is north, well north of that rain area. sunrise at 7:23. this afternoon mostly cloudy, cooler and highs of 45. north winds five to ten and a flurry or sprinkle is possible south. lows tonight will be in the upper 20s to low 30s. there we go. a little area of showers and sleet mixed in this morning. otherwise cloudy skies. 39 at national with a northeast wind at eight. and other temperatures from the low 30s north and even low 40s in the southern suburbs. storm system on the way late tomorrow. that will bring us a wintry mix tomorrow in to friday morning. saturday we get a loathe lot better, 46. and then on sunday, there's the radar one more time. and then on sunday looking at rain returning and a
5:49 am
temperature of 50. 5:48. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good to be back this morning. we are keeping an eye on the situation on 495. i disabled tractor-trailer is there blocking the roadways approaching river road. seeing significant delays. now to the split approaching the scene. watch for that if you are taking the capital beltway this morning. elsewhere in maryland, a problem in bethesda to tell you about. bradley boulevard is shut down due to an accident. police are on the scene of this fatal crash. bradley boulevard is shut down at barrett lane in both directions. better news for folks in virginia. a slow down between route 299 and 50. add 10 to 10 to 15 extra minutes to get to your destination on time. back to you. >> thank you. back to haiti now where even before last week's
5:50 am
earthquake many parents could not afford to feed their families. for three years they have been trying to adopt a girl left at an orphanage as a baby. because of the quake devastation, peggy fox tells us the little girl will have her own home and family. it is only a matter of time now before they bring home their third child, 3-year-old aila from haiti. >> before they had their first child, mathis who is four they always knew they wanted to adopt. >> so many kids in the world need to be adopted why bring others in the world. we have since had our own biological child but we also knew we were going to do this. >> they adopted their second son from texas and have been trying to adopt aila since she was 2 years old. her mother found her in an orphanage. >> i'm excited to get to know her and have a little girl.
5:51 am
i have two boys and a little girl would be great. >> 20 minutes after the quake they had an e-mail from the orphanage telling them all the children were okay and to reinforce that relatives actually saw aila in news coverage at the orphanage. >> my sister called and said i saw her drinking a bottle of water on tv. so that's just a relief. >> reporter: now they have learned that aila and other haitian orphans in the process of being adopted in america are going to be flown to new york soon. >> it has gone from, sheer terror and sadness to oh my gosh we are going to have a little girl literally in days. >> a child is a child. no matter where they live they need a home and we are blessed we are able to do that. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now and >> christy feels badly for the children who may be left behind because they weren't in the process of being adopted.
5:52 am
they are waiting for the call to pick up their daughter. david letterman is back in the news, although not for the same reason as jay leno and conan o'brien. the story is coming up. plus, the traditional role of the man as a breadwinner is being taken over by more wives. stay with 9 news now. look at you.
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oh my goff. i'm angie with what's buzzing in entertainment this wednesday. david letterman may say the joke is on robert alderman. the producer who allegedly tried to blackmail him but revealing personal information on the host. the case will go on trial. conan o'brien sounded off in spanish in tuesday night on "the tonight show" after referencing reports he is legally not allowed to say anything bad about nbc. it used subtitles that supposedly spent that nbc is run run -- >> and earlier reports said he is trying to recover severance deals for his show's staff. in wedding news, kim kardashian says there is none.
5:56 am
she said in an interview she was taken out of con text. angie's army reporters marquette and vanessa from the traveling talk show takes us to an unpredictable premier. it shows the love for toby at a party at dave and busters at white flint mall. fans of the show were winners taking home prizes and even ipods. next stacey august at george mason university joined dc's young professionals for a kickoff event with a monumental mission. the event was held at k street lounge. guests included cochairs cameron -- the group got 23 new members who will help with events like ball on the mall to raise money to restore the national mall. coming up tonight, a chance to join me as we reunit
5:57 am
families with wounded veterans. fashion takes flight is at -- lukes wings buys family members plane tickets to families visiting soldiers injured in war. while you are on-line, find out how to submit your event and pictures for me to share on the air, as well. it is all at oh my you have heard the song about women being gold diggers but looks like the men are marrying for money and these days women are better educated and it's paying off. >> mark an lisa have been married more than 20 years and he's always been the one bringing home the bacon. >> i don't have a problem with it. i don't want to work and i have been fortunate enough to hold the same job for 17 years.
5:58 am
>> reporter: researchers say fewer couples now fit the profile. >> what about your house. >> my wife makes more than i do. i don't have a problem with it. >> reporter: experts are calling it the rise of wives. more women than ever now earn more than their husbands and they are better educated too. >> i think it is a great thing. about time women get recognized for their due in life and they work hard an deserve what they have. >> reporter: apparently the economic downturn is rep reinforcing the gender reversal trend. researchers say men are losing their jobs more and more. >> who makes more you or him. >> i do. >> does it create problems for you guys? >> no. right now we are in the same industry and his career is in flux. >> as long as the money is attributed to the same household it shouldn't be a problem. >> the dantes are sticking to what works for them. if she doesn't need to work, i don't want her to work.
5:59 am
>> even though things for wives are improving there's still an income gap. according to the 2009 census figures women with full-time jobs earned 78% of what their male counterparts brought home. >> i would be happy if my wife made more money than me. >> you would be happy staying at home doing nothing but you would be outside checking out the weather. it is the weather geek in you. >> and playing with the boy when he got home. that's what we would be doing. >> i saw some drizzle. >> there's some sleet out there, too. bowie, maybe parts of the district. sleet across fairfax county. so while the pink is just on the northern edge, i believe there is more sleet than depicted by the radars. you see it bowie around 50, the mix there. it is missing it across parts of northern virginia, northern fairfax county. leesburg you are done now but olney will be done in the next few minutes but south and southeast of town we